Psychic Medium LoriAnn hosts public group readings, teaches classes on developing your own psychic gifts, works with paranormal investigators and is a regular guest on TV and radio. Here are some clips from her broadcast appearances:


“WOW, this was the most healing experience I have ever had. A weight has been lifted from my heart and my soul. From the first visit with LoriAnn I truly felt the energy that will allow me to live and love, to the fullest extent, again. A second visit further solidified my belief in her and finally set me free. Without a doubt, Lori is the real deal… double WOW!
– Diane Stuckrath

“I had a group session last night (10 of us) and it was amazing. That size was plenty big, cuz LoriAnn wants to give each person something, and if it gets too big of a group, I think it is exhausting for her. LoriAnn truly has a gift, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs to make a connection with a loved/lost one. Thank you LoriAnn!” – Marion Roovers

“I just saw psychic LoriAnn my god what an experience, if you’re looking to receive a dead accurate reading get in touch with her. She spiritually answered so many of my questions and gave me complete peace emotionally!!! Thank you so much LoriAnn I cannot wait to hear from you again.” – Rodway Brandy

“Hello LoriAnn, My name is Kim and we met in Welland, ON. My family and I would like to thank you for the wonderful group session on the Sunday evening that ended up being just for us… somehow! I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful session I had with you in the morning. What a wonderful experience that was. It brought peace and comfort to me. I also want you to know that my little Kenzie and I were lying on her bed. I had my eyes closed and was asking my Dad why he never told us he had a son (in my mind)….and Kenzie said “mommy’s daddy here”. I asked her if she meant her daddy or mommy’s daddy….and she said mommy’s.  That is the first time she has ever told me that she see’s my dad!  She said that she has seen him before…  I think she is aware that I am opening up and will become more comfortable talking about what she see’s ad feels.  I ordered the book Crystal Children and am picking it up today.  Thank you for helping me understand what is happening with my little baby girl.”  – Kim

“LoriAnn – you have keen intuition and you uncover all the facts! Keep up the good work.” – Jennifer Evans

“LoriAnn… You are truly gifted. Thank you for everything you have helped me with.” – Michelle Howard Whitehouse

“Your communication helped me to resolve a lifelong, knotty issue that remained after my Mom’s passing. Now we can truly rest in peace. Thanks!” – Stephen Kastner

“Thanks again LoriAnn, it was the best reading in 30 years of getting readings! I will be calling you again and I promise to send an email this week. Detail was incredible!” – Lynda

“Dear LoriAnn, Thank you so much for the wonderful reading last night. It was shocking how accurate your information was, especially about my brother, whom I never brought up to you and currently do not speak with, but who is very much in my thoughts. The more I spoke with you, the more surprised I became at how you knew about my kids and my parents and my husband. How my youngest loves to learn and read and the oldest is obsessed with and adores animals. I am not at all surpised that Dessie, who I loved so much and passed away last year, was the very first in line to tell me things she wanted me to know. That is very much like her! She always was watching over me in my life and our time together. Thank you again LoriAnn. You have helpled me clarify some thisngs that have troubled me for years. I hope to speak with you again soon! Sincerely, P.S. I did call the designers and it worked out as you said. Thanks for That !!!” – Chrisitina Gill