LoriAnn Manns, notable, international psychic medium returns to the Fox River Valley from a 2-month book-writing sojourn in Hawaii.


Ever since her most recent public reading in Appleton last year, fans have been asking when Psychic Lori plans to provide another opportunity for them to share in the group experience of connecting with lost loved ones. She is looking forward to fulfilling their expectations very soon, in the West Windsor Room of the Comfort Suites in Green Bay on Wednesday, April 22 in presenting a gallery-style, psychic mediumship reading for a limited-seating audience from 6 – 9 PM.

The event will begin with a 15-minute, Tibetan Bowl Sound Meditation – a powerful, sonic-resonance, cellular grounding experience presented by sound massage therapists, Christine Zimonick and Karen Simcik of the High Heart Project. Ancient Tibetan teachings say that the world and the people of it, are made through vibrations. We will utilize this energetic sound concert to center, harmonize and align the broad range of our individual dynamic frequencies as we come together in a greater shared spiritual experience. LoriAnn will then connect with spirit as it spontaneously manifests throughout the room for approximately the next 3 hours.


Many of the participants in Lori’s group reading sessions gain a profound sense of resolution upon connecting with those who have passed on to the other side. Everyone in attendance shares in witnessing these astonishing connections taking place throughout the room as Lori receives and interprets distinct messages that spirit wishes to share. While some arrive as skeptics, it is difficult for them to leave without acknowledging that the communication that unfolds is beyond mere coincidence.

“All mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums,” LoriAnn explains. “The difference is that psychics perceive information while mediums receive information. So, when you’re working as a medium you are like a channel. You’re clear and you listen.”

Trained at The Arthur Findlay College in London, she is devoted to serving others as a professional psychic medium, assisting her clients in healing from a sense of loss by acting as a living bridge, one that permits spiritual beings to confirm to their loved ones that they are safe and settled in a new existence of their own, yet willing to help in healing or solving problems that remain here in the material world.

At Findlay, Lori was taught to read people and the spiritual environment that surrounds them with her eyes closed, in order to magnify the links between the spirit world and her clients without cues derived from what they look like or the implications of body language, eye movement or other subtle indicators. In Autumn each year for the past six years, she has returned to London to further her experiential knowledge and training.

A resident of Wisconsin, LoriAnn teaches classes in developing intuitive powers and consults with individual clients in private sessions at The LoriAnn Center for Psychic Studies in Menasha, by telephone and online. She works with paranormal investigators, appears as a regular guest on TV and radio and occasionally hosts public medium events like the one coming up on April 22. Seating is limited to 100 participants and tickets are $35 per person. The first-fifty tickets purchased and all early registrations secured before April 13, will be entered in a drawing for a free, one-hour, private reading by Psychic Lori (a $175 value).

Your printed Paypal receipt serves as your registration entry and your ticket to the event. The Comfort Suites are located near the Austin Straubel International Airport at 1951 Bond Street in Green Bay.

Awaken the sleeping giant of your own intuition!

Sleeping Giant at the famous Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, England

The Mud Maid, one of the sleeping giants at the famous Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall, England

On Sunday, May 31, 2015 you are invited to immerse yourself in a live, all-day workshop, exploring,  examining and learning how to polish your intuitive gifts in person with Psychic LoriAnn at The LoriAnn Center for Psychic Studies located at 1981 Midway Road, Menasha, Wisconsin

“We will begin by taking a closer look at your own innate gifts and capabilities by sharing some of the unique and meaningful individual experiences that we have had,” says LoriAnn. “Then, we will analyze and identify your specific gifts. Everyone has certain gifts, many of which are quite different from one person to the next.”

LoriAnn will then help each individual to create a custom skill set that works with each specific gift in order to develop it. This is a hands-on opportunity to experience one-on-one learning with a select group in a private class that will raise your personal level of awareness, competence and trust in your own intuitive powers.

This all-day intensive is limited to 9 individuals and begins at 9 am with coffee, bagels and an exploratory conversation. We break at 12:30 for lunch (as you choose, either off-site or bring along a bag lunch) and resume at 1:30, working until 5 pm with a mid-afternoon snack break (morning and afternoon refreshments included).

Advanced Enrollment

LoriAnn will provide a follow-up refresher and a progress-building class afterward – that’s two more one-hour learning sessions via group conference call, archived for replay.

Phone: 920.615.4646
Email: lori@psychiclori.net